i talk a lot of shit for someone who can’t choose rude dialogue options in games because i’m scared of hurting a characters feelings


My boyfriend broke up with me and my 80 year old, 5 foot tall, Indian grandmother told me that “there are lots of men…”

I thought she was then going to say “…in the sea” but she said “…they’re like flies” and made a disgusted face.

She hates flies.

how can adults be so childish like i dont understand


Me when I’m the next one to present in class


  • strawberry swing
  • frank ocean
  • nostalgia/ultra


The Thinker by Auguste Rodin x Drake thinking about Nicki’s ass in Anaconda.


Little Girl Plays on Gentle Giant Tibetan Mastiff ** video **

death valley pt. 2 // january

// #team aight lookin

  • White people be like: This Chapstick is so spicy

  • lolzforshits:

    *gets stuck on a mission in a game* *doesn’t play for another 4234 years*